SUSNANOFAB and NanoFabNet launched a joint White Paper outlining the recommended ‘EU 2030 Strategic Plan for sustainable Nanofabrication’.

Per the EC requirements, the two sister projects established cross-collaborations and synergies to outline a shared and aligned vision for a more sustainable future in nanofabrication, setting the tone for future research and development efforts in this area.

Together, they present the White Paper in support of the following objectives:

  • Provide recommendations for policymakers and government agencies to help advance sustainable nanofabrication and promote its adoption on a European scale and beyond.
  • Educate stakeholders in the field, such as researchers and industry professionals, regarding the opportunities and the challenges to be faced and tackled to secure sustainable nanofabrication.
  • Improve the awareness of the importance of sustainable nanofabrication in public opinion.
  • Identify best practices and strategies for achieving a more sustainable nanofabrication industry, including – amongst other aspects – reducing waste and emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and promoting the use of sustainable material.
  • Highlight the benefits of sustainable nanofabrication, including improved environmental sustainability, increased economic competitiveness, and better health outcomes for workers and communities.

The White Paper serves as a joint roadmap for industry, public authorities, academia, research institutes and the wider expert community by outlining the steps needed to create a more sustainable future for nanofabrication and, thus, achieve secure benefits through these efforts.

Download the White Paper