At the end of 2018 we have been running a survey and three collaborative evaluation sessions on how to develop INL further into a Learning Organisation.

One of the lessons learnt from these activities was that there is a set of Core Competencies that we need to agree on and work out

Moreover, during these sessions a set of core competencies had been named quite consistently, and on reflection we have been recalling the following outlined ones.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the competencies that came out more often are those that could be expected for RTOs like INL, namely:

  1. Analytical and Critical Thinking, Creative thinking, and Problem solving (We grouped them into one position since they all belong somehow together. E.g. to resolve a problem one needs critical and analytical thinking skills so to approach the problem, and to uncover suitable means on resolving problems, and notably wicked ones, further needs a good deal of critical thinking…)

So, next to this more obvious one, the following five emerged:

  1. Leaderful Practice & Influence;
  2. Working with others;
  3. Personal mastery;
  4. Agility (speedier processes, work not driven by hierarchies, but around projects and other commonalities, etc.);
  5. Systems thinking and the ability to act upon incomplete sets of information (did someone say Wicked Problems here?).

This list is by no means conclusive, but rather should be seen as the next stepping stone so for us to fill it with life (means, our shared views and mental models), to add further competencies as we see required, so to then start looking at means on how to train and sustain them, at an individual and collective base.

Therefore, we cordially invite all INLer to take an active role in this process, and to have a say about the type of competencies that they feel all of us should have and develop. With this, be welcome to join us this Friday 15 February 2019 11:00 at the INL Hall!