On Tuesday 11 December 2018our Alar Ainla and Diego Colombara have been running a knowledge@INL Session on “Problematizing, or why one should bother about your work”. The purpose of this session was to share experiences on how you might be expressing yourself and explaining why one should bother about your work.

The talks of Diego and Alar turned out to complement each other well and Diego used the recent ERC grant application as a mean to illustrate his struggles. He noted that he used to apply the concept of HOURGLASS to communicate his research, but that this didn’t work out in the ERC application due to the complexity of the topic and the character limits imposed by the proposal. He then used the ERC grant abstract to show how he managed to refine his message over iterations. For those INLer interested in flipping through Diego’s slides, please just reach out to me.

Subsequent to this Alar has providing some tips and techniques, combined with some hands-on exercises. Please find his slides below.

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In the later part of the session we then have been reflecting on the different styles and techniques used by us and in which situations these seemed to work out well. Our Mariana Carvalho then also kindly pointed to existing literature on how to write good scientific papers and those interested in such literature are, again, welcome to reach out to me.

With this, we invite everyone to come forward with suggestions for future session topics that you would like to chair!

Contact: andreas.meissner@inl.int