Problematizing, or why one should bother about your work!

Tuesday 11 December 2018, 16.00 at the Vision Room | knowledge sharing & networking session

Session chairs: Alar Ainla, Diego Colombara & Andreas Meissner

About the session theme

Expressing yourself and explaining why one should bother about your work is not a natural ability. Perhaps it is not even evident that this very activity is a science in itself, and one name it is known by, is “problematization”. “Why bother” means to go beyond just naming the “big issue” and to then directly jump into a statement like “… and therefore we will develop…”. It is about bringing out the analytics and reflections that leave little doubts that the “…and therefore…” is a logic and almost only conclusion that anyone could reach, and not just two empty filling words for you to start your sentence. Problematization is about bringing out the big and pressing issue, to then identify and present the itching and most urgent tiny problem that must be tackled so that the big issue can be approached. Problematization is about working out the most meaningful and persuasive message detailing your research and leaving little doubt in others, but to agree that this research is urgent and very much needed. A message that paints out the big issue, that escalates sufficiently up on the problem side, that facilitates on the solution end, and that shows the exponential outcome in terms of impact (issue->problem->solution). Problematization is the skill to picture a sufficiently complex big issue, with a neat and timely problem, to which your research just seems to have the perfect solution, and that could not have been achieved earlier for clear and undoubted reasons that you flag up and show. Problematization is thus a very valuable skill in your day to day environment, supporting you in your work, be it on papers, proposals, presentations, or the alike. And it is something that we jointly can train, where we can collect and share examples on how we improved, and so to reflect on what works out well in what situation, and what should be avoided.

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Session format

The session attempts to provide a floor for knowledge sharing & networking around the session theme. The session will Kick-Off with a brief introduction to the theme provided by the session chairs, followed by moderated group activities, such as structured discussion, problem analysis, strategizing, ideation, or benchmarking exercises. Towards the end of the session we will capture the main points discussed, and outline what possible follow up actions might be. The session duration is app. 90 min.

About knowledge sharing & networking sessions @INL

There is a wealth of knowledge within INL that is currently tacit and that we like to capture. We all have some lessons to share, or would like to get answers to the various doubts and questions that are pondering us. The knowledge sharing & networking sessions thus aims to bring all of us together around themes of common interest. We invite everyone to suggest a theme of interest, and to become a session chair.