Survey: INL – The Learning Organisation
Part 1. Value Proposition
Survey Question: What do you see as INL’s exact value proposition(s) so to stand out in comparison to others?
Part 2. Enabling Conditions
Survey Question: What are the barriers and enablers for the above conditions to come in place?
Part 3. Means of getting there
Question 1: What are the most valued skills and tools that currently support you in your work environment?
Question 2: How could such skills and tools become part of an INL Learning Model?

On Friday 26 we kicked-off the evaluation of the survey with a groping session running in parallel to the Nanofika.

All responses had been printed on Post-Its and INLer were asked to group them into common themes or views.

While we were initially worried that this might be a too time consuming undertaking it turned actually out that this was a quite lively and dynamic activity and within no time we saw 5 emergent groups:

  1. Interdisciplinarity
  2. Excellence in work and existence of a comprehensive knowledge base
  3. Internationality and functioning as a bridge
  4. The facilities
  5. Ability to customize and to provide tailored solutions

The Post-It Groupings will be now displayed at the Cafeteria for the duration of one week and we invite all of you further contributions and to express your perceived importance on the above groupings.

To allow for this, you will find pencils, further Post-Its and voting forms next to the groupings.