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Towards a competitive and sustainable nanofabrication industry
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The SUSNANOFAB Roadmap for a EU Wide Strategy on Nanofabrication was released.

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Towards a competitive and sustainable nanofabrication industry
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Towards a competitive and sustainable nanofabrication industry

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Nanofabrication has the potential to address major socio-economic challenges, from better and affordable health care to cleaner energy and transports, improved consumer goods and higher living standards.

Nanofabrication enables the production of multifunctional devices with unique properties for a vast range of applications, thus having a profound impact on a multitude of industrial sectors. The vast potential of nanofabrication is undeniable, and it must be optimized.

SUSNANOFAB Digital Platform

The SUSNANOFAB project is developing an Open Access Digital Platform that interoperates with current platforms, projects and other initiatives at the European level.

The main services and activities provided by the Digital Platform are:

EU Database with access
to Multiple Networks

Cooperation on
standarisation activities

Promotion of
best practices

Brokerage services
Training services
Support activity

The SUSNANOFAB Digital Platform provides:

A match-making tool for technology providers and potential customers (access to infrastructures, brockerage and training services).

A centralization and harmonization of the available data and make it accessible to all interested parties.

EU-wide Strategic Roadmap on Nanofabrication

The project is committed to delivering an EU-wide Strategic Roadmap on Nanofabrication with international cooperation activities.

Nanofabrication aspects from design to manufacturing upscaling

Environmental Sustainability, Health & Ethics

Future skills & Expertise

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