This section gathers all final documents delivered in the context of the grant agreement.

Find all documents below!
Deliverable 1.1. Data Management Plan
Deliverable 2.1. Landscape of nanofabrication in new European high-value industrial ecosystem
Deliverable 2.2 – Report on the existing relevant programmes, projects and initiatives (PU)
Deliverable 2.3 – Report on the existing relevant services and infrastructures (PU)
Deliverable 2.4 – Integrated map of EU and international stakeholders in nanofabrication (PU)
Deliverable 2.5 – Mapping the landscape of nanofabrication in target sectors & list of exemplary target products (PU)
Deliverable 3.1 – First report on the CG sessions (PU)
Deliverable 3.2 – Roadmap draft for an EU wide strategy on nanofabrication
Deliverable 3.3 – Critical analysis of nanofabrication best practices and common protocols
Deliverable 4.1 – Report on prioritised training gaps and shortages for the nanofabrication industry (PU)
Deliverable 4.2 – First report on industrial needs on technologies, services and access to infrastructures
Deliverable 4.3 – Initial report on training sessions
Deliverable 5.1 – Communication and Dissemination Plan (PU)
Deliverable 5.2 – Project website (PU)
Deliverable 5.3 – Report on the platform user requirements (PU)
Deliverable 5.4 – Governance Structure of the Digital Platform (PU)
Deliverable 5.5 – Platform first deployment (PU)
Deliverable 5.6 – Interim report of dissemination, communication and networking activities and developed materials
Deliverable 5.7 – Exploitation and Business Plan for the Digital Platform – Draft

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