Initiation to nano-enabled composites parts through the presentation of an industrial use case, by IPC

01. 03. 2022 | Duration: 40 minutes

This session introduces the capability to provide high added-value functionalities to composite parts thanks to nanotechnologies.
An introduction to the use of nanotechnologies and the context of the set of services developed by OASIS project was proposed. Then nanoparticles’ principles and properties were described. Their uses were illustrated through an industrial use case from OASIS project: VDL showcase. This use case shows the integration of different nanomaterial through nano-intermediates and how to process them to obtain a lightweight, mechanical resistance, thermal properties (insulation, fire-resistance) and embedded sensors in one composite part, and how this part answers to KPIs of the industrial.

Session plan:
1. Presentation of IPC
2. Introduction
3. Nano-fabrication and high added value functions creation
4. Presentation of an industrial use case
5. Conclusion & Q&A

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