Part 1: Nanofabrication technics to create added value properties to plastic parts – An initiation to micro/nano surfaces texturing and eco-design, by IPC

25. 11. 2021 | Duration: 2h

This session introduces the eco-design of plastic parts through nano-texturing technologies. To design novel plastic products that are fully recyclable, the main idea is to simplify the product design using only one material. Hence, to keep functionalities and added value at a high level with only one material, the solution is to texture the product surface with a nano-pattern providing such functionalities. Antimicrobial, waterproof, anti-scratch are among the properties that could be reached with this concept. The training also described the main steps to properly transfer the nano-pattern from the injection mold to the injected part using among other things proper heat&cool technology.

Training plan
1. Presentation of IPC
2. Introduction
3. Nanofabrication and high added value functions creation
4. Technologies and technological platforms
5. Eco-design and Nano-fabrication process
6. Conclusion & Q&A

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